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Written by Pamela Scott

December 2023


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Soul Doll

I have always known the importance of ceremony and ritual, and the need to bring them back into our lives to acknowledge and celebrate life and all of its changes.

I’ve also found this ritual of making a soul doll is a creative outlet/meditation for many of my clients.

They’ve found solace in making her and felt that she has contributed to their healing journey.

About 30 years ago, in a challenging time in my life, I decided to seek support from a Jungian analyst. We worked with my dreams and outer and inner relationships and slowly I came back to my Self.

During this time, I became intuitively inspired to create what I call my Soul Doll.

I instinctively knew what materials I wanted to use.

I found some beautiful soft leather and hand stitched this ‘being’ together. I filled her with some soft wadding, and also included some dried herbs and crystals that had meaning for me. Her hair was made from thinly cut strips of leather. Each bead or item I sewed on her, represented some aspect of myself or my journey. 

Also, around that time, I’d been working with a Native American man, Archie Fire Lame Deer.

He’d given me a medicine bag of his father’s which contained his ‘black tail deer’ medicine. His father’s relationship with this was such that he could recommend it and it would bring relief for any ailment. So, whenever I needed calm and support, I was to chew on a piece of this bitter root (not recommended).

It was unpleasant, but I grew to love it because it did bring me back to a place of wellbeing.

Some years later when Matthew Wood was staying with me, I discovered this root was Calamus Acorus.

This bag sits with my soul doll and it represents that place of connection.

So, this ritual of making your doll, sewing things on her, surrounding her with meaningful objects empowers her and you even more. To me, she’s a reminder that there is a part of me that is strong and connected whatever life experience I’m going through.

Some of my clients have made something similar for themselves for support in their healing journey, and it’s been fascinating watching their creations.

What would/will yours look like?

I’ve included a picture of my soul doll, but have left her face out of the picture to keep her sacred.

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