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Do you have at least 12 months experience in Natural Earth Medicine? Are you dedicated to the traditions of your life and work? Do you hold or have held a Diploma or Degree of Natural Healing in their modality or equivalent?

Have a look at our membership options to see which one best applies to you. 

A Student Membership is a member who is currently studying or is a recent graduate. Are you currently Studying or Recently Graduated from a College of Natural Medicine or equivalent tertiary qualifications? Do you have less than 1 year experience in clinical practice? Do you have desire to learn the Traditional Ways of Natural Healing?

Outdoor Study Group

An Estuary Learning Associate Member is a member of the community

who is neither a practitioner nor a student of Natural Medicine. Do you have a lifestyle interest in Natural Earth Medicine at a non professional level? Do you have a keen interest in learning more about traditional ways of healing? Are you willing to share with others the traditional knowledge that is part of your daily life?

The Benefits of Membership

All that we share in Estuary learning is solely for the members of our growing community of folk aligned with the shared vision of bringing the experiential traditional knowledge of plant and energy healing into the future.

Your annual fee gives you free access to all the activities and opportunities listed below*

  • Connection to a community with a shared vision of nurturing natural earth medicine.

  • Being part of a growing river of knowledge and experience shared freely among members.

  • Practitioners, teachers and mentors with great experience in their field. Members who want to learn what you want to teach. You can find a mentor. You can be a mentor.

  • Regular Mind Melds, case reviews, presentations, panel discussions, and practitioner mentoring presentations.

  • Estuary Learning Seasonal Professional Members-only Magazines, and our Estuary Subscriber’s Newsletter. Opportunity to read, contribute, or be part of producing them.

  • Members Resources. Our video library of past educational presentations, Estuary Learning Magazines and documents relevant to membership of Estuary Learning.

  • Access to our WhatsApp groups for special interest areas, specific working groups, and for our everyday communications.

  • The Website Forum for announcements and links to upcoming events, personal communications between members, a library of shared information catering for specific topics and interests.

  • Estuary Learning Zoom Gatherings and Fair Days.

  • The opportunity to improve and grow your practice, and to increase your knowledge base and learn new skills including those not directly identified with Natural Earth Medicine eg teamwork, collaborative leadership, technology of presenting online, public speaking, writing, editing.

  • A chance to make a positive difference in the world, cultivate wisdom, depth of spirit and good karma.

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