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The estuary is the richly biodiverse environment where the land and the river meets the sea. Estuary Learning Inc. is a movement that unites practitioners and clinics to each other; to their local community; and to the estuary nursery of the future practitioners.


Each stream makes its contribution to the richness of the estuary.  Streams sourced far from the sea have influence as they send their unique local flavour of knowledge, wisdom, experience and good will along to the estuary.


In the estuary we find the nursery.  Where the little fish are protected and nourished in the mangroves.  Where the next generations are nurtured on the wisdom and experience of everything that lived before it.


The estuary is a constantly changing environment. It changes with the rise and fall of every tide.  It changes with the long term effects of rising and lowering sea levels over the ages.  The estuary accommodates changes that we cannot control and it renews itself. 


Estuary Learning Inc. is a not-for-profit educational movement whose purpose is to maintain the dynamic estuarial ability to weather the storms and long term climate changes that affect our vocational industry. 


We are a collaboration of practitioners, educators, mentors, and students of natural earth medicine.

We are growers, gatherers, small batch medicine makers, tea blenders, cooks, writers, researchers, star gazers.

We are an active community with a great depth of experience dedicated to enriching and supporting the living experiential knowledge and art of natural earth medicine for present and future generations.

We are all willing to share what we know.

Who Are We?
Image by Simon Wilkes

Natural Earth Medicine is traditional wisdom, expressed through the balance of body, mind, heart, and spirit, integrated with our present and ever-changing world.  

Natural Earth Medicine is comprised of plant medicine and energetic medicine.

Plant medicine is the vast knowledge and practice of the remedial use of food and plants, with a wholistic dedication to preparation, application and dosage.


Energetic medicine is the practice of fostering and maintaining

energy balance within a being, including interconnectedness with earth energy and awareness of the earth’s place in the cosmos.

What is Natural Earth Medicine

Estuary Learning embraces Natural Earth Medicine modalities from the physical to the vibrational: bodywork, plant and food medicine, energetic medicine and esoteric practices that foster an understanding of the cycles of life. 

Estuary Learning respects all related subjects that enrich the practice and the lives of our members. If what you have to teach or want to learn is not found within our current course range, then help us add to our variety of subjects. Our aim is to keep the traditional wisdoms in its broadest expression alive and thriving.

Image by Timo Hermann

Join us at a level that is appropriate to your level of skill and experience in Natural Earth Medicine. (see membership). Once you are a member you are connected to our vocational community.  You are welcomed to whatever classes, teachers, & events currently available. Follow us on social media.


Join a working committee. Be part of the maintenance, research & development of our beautiful movement by joining one of our committees. Be part of training up the students into our community.  Find a mentor, find a class, find a committee, find a place for yourself in what is currently being offered. 


Open up your clinic. Become a mentor. Become a teacher. Help enrich the estuary with your knowledge by extending our reach of mentorship and extending the range of subjects on offer.


Become involved in Natural Earth Medicine activities in your regional area. Create Natural Earth Medicine activities in your regional area. List them on our website.


Connect locally if there is someone in your region that you can learn from, work with, or teach.  Create a new regional learning centre connected to the estuary.


 Connect. On line or in person.

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