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Member Courses

Our wonderful members hold many short and long courses through the private practices. Have a look at our ever-changing list of courses. 

Short Courses

Short Courses

We currently don't have any short courses, but check back soon, we are always updating. 

Long Courses

Long Courses


Cycle Basics Challenge - Free 5 Day Training for Health Practitioners

Starts:  5th to 9th June 2023
Where:  Online

Time:     1pm Sydney (AEST) time.

This free challenge is crafted for Health Professionals and runs every 6-8 weeks.

About this event

Join Naturopathic Womancrafter, Amanda Trieger in a 5-day Cycle Basics Training
designed to deepen your awareness of the menstrual cycle. In this training, we will explore important topics like the Menstruality Mindset, Terminology, and the Menstrual Cycle as the 5th Vital Sign. You'll also learn about Cyclical Living, Cycle Awaren
ess, Temperature Charting, Lunar Rhythms, and integrating Womancraft tools
into clinical practice. This training is completely free and offers an opportunity to join a
supportive community of practitioners who share your passion for women's health.
Join us and deepen your understanding of the menstrual cycle while enhancing your skills as a practitioner.


The Heart & Art of Traditional
Herbal Medicine:  Bringing
People & Plants Together

Starts:  Thursday, 23rd March 2023

Where:  Zoom

Time:     9.30am to 11am Sydney (AEST) time.

About this event

In this 6 week online masterclass for practitioners and herbal medicine students, I share information about over 50 herbs and their 'person pictures', relevant iris signs, associated sun signs and the art of drop dosing. 

My teaching is based on the philosophies of Dorothy Hall and the experience I've gained in over 19 years of clinical practice.  This knowledge will deepen your understanding about herbs and people, marrying the two together with valuable insights which you can apply in clinical practice.

This course is for you if:

  • you want to move beyond a 'this herb for that' way pf practising you want to deepen your understanding of herbal prescribing

  • you wished you'd studied with Dorothy Hall

  • you want to learn about drop dosing so you can minimise your impact on the environment and prescribe for your sensitive patients


I've now run this masterclass eight times and have had all sorts of wonderful feedback - people find the knowledge easy to put into practice, they've been amazed at how effective it is, the information has given them a whole different way of looking at herbs and their clients are really happy with their results. I'm so excited to be running the ninth round of it!


The Sacred

Starts:  Tuesday, 2nd May 2023

Where:  Zoom

Time:     9.30am to 11am Sydney (AEST) time.

All dates


Tuesday, 2 May 2023

Avoid all Denatured & Refined Food

Tuesday, 6 June 2023

Include Animal Foods

Tuesday, 4 July 2023

About this event

The fundamentals of a nutrient dense, nourishing diet for the modern carer:

  • For nutrient dense foods that nourish the body and help to heal our relationship with food, the Wise Traditions diet, based on the principles of the Weston A. Price Foundation, recommends incorporating a variety of whole, unprocessed foods. This includes grass-fed meats, organ meats, wild-caught fish, pastured eggs, raw dairy, bone broth, fermented foods, and healthy fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, and tallow.

  • The diet emphasies the importance of traditional preparation methods such as soaking, sprouting, and fermenting to improve the digestibility and nutrient availability of foods. It also advocates against processed foods, refined sugars, industrial seed oils, and grains that have not been properly prepared.

  • The Wise Traditions diet is based on the philosophy of respect for food, which means honouring the natural cycles and diversity of nature, and recognizing the importance of locally sourced, sustainably raised foods. This approach not only supports our individual health but also promotes a more ethical and environmentally conscious food system.

You will experience:

  1. A fresh, new perspective on your relationship to food

  2. Tastings of various foods that make your taste buds tingle

  3. Hearing about sacred wisdom from the native traditions in a very unique style

  4. Connection and conversation as we prepare foods together

  5. Learning about politically incorrect nutrition that makes you question everything you’ve learned from the TV

    *  Plus... recipes and resources


Learn How To Grow
Your Own Medicinal Herb Garden Masterclass

Starts:  Start anytime

Where:  Zoom

Time:    Self-paced learning

About this event

Wishing you knew more about growing your own therapeutic plants? Alyson wants to teach you how to build your own at-home-apothecary, so you too, can be more self-sufficient and take better care of yourself and your family’s health today!

In this Masterclass you will learn how to;

  • Learn how to be more self-sufficient by growing your own medicinal (and kitchen) herbs

  • Learn how to look after your families health with herbs you grow and store at home

  • Learn how to make a herbal Tincture [Video lesson + BONUS DOWNLOAD GUIDE]

  • Learn how to build a garden full of therapeutic plants

  • Learn the therapeutic actions of a select number of plants

  • Learn how to identify a variety of key therapeutic plants

  •  Learn proven recipes to use within your home using the plants you have grown

  • Learn the TOP TEN herbs for the beginning herbalist and how to use them

  • Learn how to properly and safely dry and store your herbs all year long

  • And so much more!!.


Prescribing Herbal

Starts:  Saturday, 13th May 2023

Where:  Glenhaven

Time:     9.30am to 11am Sydney (AEST) time.

About this event

Don't miss Diana Mund's Prescribing Herbal Medicine workshop this May and June!

Diana will be gifting on her herbal knowledge that she has developed through clinical practice and through the teachings of Dorothy Hall.

What will be covered in this workshop includes:

  • Constitutional prescribing

  • The art and craft of herbal medicine

  • Importance of working naturopathically

  • The power of drop dosing

  • Iris indication

  • Creating herbal formulations

  • The "Herbal Biggies"


Deposits are incredibly important as we only have limited spaces for this event. Deposits of $50 must be paid by 13th May 2023. This workshop is in-person only and is located in Glenhaven, Sydney (2156).

To register please email :
or call on 9659-8160.


Home Healer

Starts:  SOLD OUT - New dates coming.

Where:  Zoom

Time:    9.30am to 3.30pm Sydney (AEST) Time

About this event

Let me draw from my twenty years of experience working in the natural health world to empower you to become your Home Healer.

Home Healer Includes:

  • Monthly face-to-face sessions on a Sunday

  • Online Sunday Mornings

  • Morning - Theory

  • Afternoon - various practical

  • All supplies provided to create and take home medicines

  • Online students will have practical supplies posted to them

  • Notes each month to put in your Home Healer folder (provided)

  • Support through a private Facebook group or similar (discussed the first day)

  • Access to the herbal library of over a hundred books

If you have an event you would like to promote through the EL network, please send a flier and anything you think is relevant to
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