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Written by Toni Heaton

April 2024


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First Aid:
Clove Bud Oil
The Traveller’s Friend

A clove is the dried, unopened, aromatic flower bud of Eugenia aromatica/Syzygium aromaticum. Harvesting does not damage the tree. Cloves are  readily purchased and store well for years, making them sustainable and very economical. The bud is a well known spice with healing and food preservative properties.

Clove oil is inexpensive and there are good reasons to include it in your first aid kit. A little bit goes a long long way. As it is very strong, use in drop doses. 

Suggested uses


Skin stuff:  insect bites, sores, infections, fungus, scabies, warts, shingles, ulcers, toothaches - wash  with warm water and a drop of clove oil. Or, pour hot water over dried clove, infuse, strain and bathe the area.

Emotions: depression, tension, tiredness, study brain –  add a drop to carrier oil, put on pulse, temple, jawline, or into a diffuser.

Sprains, strains, arthritis, multiple sclerosis:  add some drops of oil to an existing cream, and apply to the affected area.

Add a clove to your pot of herbal tea for antiviral effects, or to aid treatment of  parasites, respiratory issues and digestive upsets. 

Reduce mould, bacteria, viruses on surfaces:  add to your spray cleaner or *floor wash, (I infuse vinegar with citrus peel, then add about 10 drops clove oil to 200ml).

*Caution: some essential oils are not safe to use on floors or areas of exposure to pets such as dogs.

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