Frequently Asked Questions

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If I apply for a membership, does that mean I will automatically be accepted?

No. Each membership application is individually assessed and approval is not guaranteed. Applicants must meet the requirements specified in the membership application form. As well as this, they must also be seen to adhere to the founding principles of Estuary Learning. 

I'm having problems with my membership form. 

If you are having any problems with the membership form please contact or and one of our members will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Terms & Conditions


Membership of Estuary Learning is by recommendation of our members. You will be considered for  membership on the grounds of your natural alignment with the vision, mission and values of Estuary Learning, as shown in your professional behaviour and demonstrated attitudes.   You will also be recommended for a level of membership recognising your experience in Natural Earth Medicine in your modality.


The success of your application for membership to Estuary Learning Inc. is at the sole discretion of the Steering Committee. 

The category of membership you are accepted into as a new member of Estuary Learning Inc is at the sole discretion of the Steering Committee . 


When an application is accepted the Secretary will issue an Invoice for the applicable Membership fee. On payment of that fee you will become a financial member of Estuary Learning.


Membership may be withdrawn if, as determined by the Steering Committee, a person’s behaviour or demonstrated attitudes are no longer in alignment with the vision, mission, and values of Estuary Learning.

Code of Conduct


Our Code of Conduct requires that members of Estuary Learning act in a way that honours, respects and is in accordance with the contents of the document Estuary Learning Philosophy and Ethics; and comply with the Estuary Learning regulations.


The Philosophy and Ethics of Estuary Learning underpin all we do and any questions about a member’s behaviour will be considered according to those values.


For guidance the following and non-exclusive list of requirements is provided.


A member of Estuary Learning will at all times. 


Act with Integrity. 

Connect with respect and kindness. 

Practice and encourage the ethical dissemination of the wisdom and knowledge of Natural Earth Medicine. 

Treat with respect and consideration the decisions made within Estuary Learning. 

Treat with respect each modality of Natural Earth Medicine. 

Treat with respect each member’s educational lineage and traditional learning of Natural Earth Medicine. 

Treat with respect the learning pathways of others. 

Charge fees that are financially appropriate to the students, mentees and community being catered for. 

Communicate appropriately across all communication platforms. 

Notify the Steering Committee of any possible conflict of interest as soon, as it is known.  

Be honest in all representations of qualifications, grades of membership, experience and prior responsibilities. 

Be honest in all representations about their services, and the services of others being offered to Estuary Learning. 

Be candid and forthright and respond immediately to issues that may arise, so as to uphold the ethics and philosophy of Estuary Learning. 

Act appropriately and in a professional manner, when something is perceived to be wrong, or if they consider that they have, or another member has, breached this code of conduct. 

Respect confidentiality. 

Ensure actions are not inappropriately influenced by the interests of other parties. 

Seek peer review and other quality assurance of work, as appropriate, and accept, as well as give, honest and fair criticism when required. 

Acknowledge and credit data and information sourced from others. 

Support others in their development, as members of Estuary Learning.  


Misunderstanding, Disagreements & Dispute Resolution

Difference of opinion is welcome in our community. It is the responsibility of all members involved in a disagreement to actively work toward a positive outcome.  

If a dispute arises it is an indication that the members involved have failed to understand the living principles of Estuary Learning.

If a dispute should eventuate it can be referred through our Estuary Learning Resolution process.