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Feature Article

Written by Alexandra Quirk

February 2024


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The Frequency of Change:  Falling back into the Old Ways.

A discussion of the quantum relationship to earth medicine and Mother Nature herself; the all-encompassing commitment to a deep engagement with the labour of our existence. 

The inextricable need to find connection is linked throughout human history. As people who cannot help but find themselves in roles of healing modalities (body workers, plant enthusiasts, those who offer their counsel with an open ear to those in need), we live by the rule of life - to connect. To understand fascia and muscles’ connection within the body as a massage therapist; to find the connection between ailment and reprieve with a few drops of a magical elixir made of plant tincture frequency; to find the connection between a blue heart and contentment by traversing through a conversation, a navigation of synapses and memories through the voice. To liberate and remember our ways, our reason.

Connection has fascinated us since the beginning; always wanting to know the why. What animates us? What fuels us and what makes us react? Why are we so fascinated by other animals, other humans? What lies beyond the bright blue of the sky and the sparkling dots that lace our atmosphere? What is the purpose of such a complex array of human emotions and their cause and effect; their reason? Why does so much beauty exist among us on this blue planet, for our enjoyment and happiness?


What does it all matter? What is the matter made of? Journeying on a path of life and light-enment, to a corner of shadow that may hold space for fear to grow in one's heart. Or delight in the ideology of bravery to maximise and conjure a solar plexus spark of true self-knowing, liberated by the fact of honouring and celebrating.


Working with modalities that call us back to our human nature; this is the old and the new way. The true way. Understanding the frequency of life, of Gaia, of Mother, of her quantum existence. Our micro of the macroscopic universal life lore. Honouring her by the crude necessity to understand. Biochemistry, anatomy, botany, psychology, astrology, energy. Knowing that moving from a low-level frequency manifestation is only, and always, an opportunity to traverse higher. The mortal coil, if you will. Unfettering.

Gratitude in revelling in the ones that came before us and shared their musings: Watts, Frankl, Nietzsche, Sartre, Campbell, Jung, Freud, McKenna, Stein, Blake and Williams, who are some of my personal mentors. Revelling in all of those who poured their hearts into the priceless pages of the textbooks that taught us, that extricate us and remind us of our why. Who lit the flame of that spark deep within our bellies? Knowing that we, too, feel so enthralled to understand, just as they have. How beautiful an enterprise to be shown a constant offering of remembrance. The simplistic beauty of life, with all of its turmoil and ecstasy wrapped neatly in a perfect human suit.

Connection has scientifically proven accreditation in its positive effect on human wellbeing. Feeling connected to the greater world around us and our chosen community, leads to reduced levels of anxiety and depression, and an increase in contentment, joy and overall happiness.

When we are feeling these ways, we may safely navigate our lives with optimism, opportunity, expanded neural activity and brain plasticity, which allows us to live more creatively and push ourselves to follow our dreams and desires. To follow the blueprint of our reason and identify our true soul purpose, which is ultimately where our greatest strengths may shine and reach out to, in touching the heart of our world and all her microcosmic inhabitants. Everyone and everything feels and is affected by you. 


We can find similar themes when connecting to nature, in silence and meditation, and in the endorphin release of stretching, movement and sweat. In sexual liberation and joy, confidence, co-creation, masculine and feminine polarity in the entirety of existence - harnessing and utilising with disciplined control of such potent energy. Energy manipulation by the means of benevolence. Understanding your triggers and wounding. Understanding its source. DNA - ancestry. Past lives. Picking up others’ energy. The density of humanness. The liberation of humanness. In stillness, in expression. In connection and solitude.


Reiki. Breathwork. Crystals. Talismans. Animals. Humans. Teachers. Mentors. Lovers. Kinship. Change. Coincidence. Divine fate. Knowing fate. Understanding free will. Devotion to the goddess. The vibrating force that holds us alive. Diving deep within the core of her belly. Invoking her spirit in your authentic state. Feral self. Soft self. Falling into the land, the earth. Merging. Heightened and still. 


Understanding natural lore by working along themes of frequency and how that manifests into healing work, whether we earn our living as healers, or whether we bring healing into our personal lives, is important. Working with tools such as plant frequency, breathwork, bodywork and energy transference allows us to fully envelope how we can create change for our patients, clients, friends, family, ourselves. Something that healers, and those who utilise healing energies, have been practising for centuries and beyond. Recalling these tools of navigation and purpose not only empowers our ancestry but fuels the necessary drive for all of us in a modern world. The potency is tenfold. Let us remember the Old Ways. 

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