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Event Wrap-up

Written by Alyson Maier

March 2024


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2nd Annual Earth Medicine Conference:  Ancient Medicine in Changing Times

Having just returned from a powerful and beautiful weekend rich with connection, friendships, community and Earth Medicine at its core, we are reminded that it is through community, it is through sharing, it is through voicing what our hearts lead us to birth into this world, that the world becomes a more balanced and healthy place.

We are reminded that Tradition is important for our healing and the healing of our Earth. We are reminded that we are all one, and we must focus our attention inwards to traverse this next passage of time in the great spiral of life.

There were beautiful talks on getting back to our roots and the importance of root medicines, there were talks on kitchen medicines and the role of food as medicine. There were talks on tissue salts and women's womb wisdom, there were talks on iridology and workshops for nourishment and self-care. 

Nourishment and self-care are not a luxury but a necessity, and reconnection with the traditional ways of our ancestors will be necessary and IS necessary for us to bridge the new world.

This was a weekend where the deep nourishment of Ancestral Earth Medicine brought us together to foster "friendships, new and renewed" all formed at the heart of practitioners with deep vision, deep connection and who foster a deep remembering. This is the importance of something like an estuary, where many arms of a river, or in this case, many unique skilled practitioners fostering the traditional teachings of their ancestors walk, through the rivers of Estuary Learning to teach and mentor and remember our ways so it can spread out into the vastness of the ocean.

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