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by Christina Gerakiteys

March 2019


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The Business of Natural Medicine – Getting Started


You’ve chosen Natural Medicine as your career path. You need to set

yourself up as a business. What next?


Initially you may choose to practice under your own name. Great. You

will need an ABN. Luckily things have just been made easier from a legal

perspective. Go to the ASIC site to get started. If you can’t figure it out

from the instructions, ring them.


I suggest you register your own name as a business name. It’s not a

‘have to have’ but it’s a ‘I really recommend you do this’.


Buy the URL. The .com and the You will use this to build your profile. 


Get a Facebook Business page, Instagram and create a LinkedIn profile or update your existing one. LinkedIn is crucial for business success and will become more so.


I often get asked about registering for GST. Until you are earning $75,000 gross you don’t need to register. If you are about to invest a fair amount of money setting up (computer, equipment, supplies) and you think the amount of GST you pay is worth a little extra work, I suggest you apply now. 


If you choose a business name over your own name, the steps are the same. Before your purchase the name, make sure the URL, Facebook and Instagram sites are available. If you are going to build a practice for yourself and other practitioners, select a business name. If you are going into practice for yourself, your more ‘findable’ under your name.


People need to know you exist. So use your social media to build a following. Building a following will not build your practice. It will set you up as an expert and will bring you top of mind when someone needs your help. 


Do you have a niche? Women’s health? Men’s health? Menopause? Fertility? Keep up to date, go to conferences and network and use the content for social media.


Linkedin LinkedIn LinkedIn. Do it. Write posts and articles about your areas of expertise. Be seen as an expert. 


Christina Gerakiteys is the Founder of UtopiaX and Co Ambassador of SingularityU Australia. She is a change catalyst and instigator of Moonshot Ideation. Christina opens hearts and minds, inspiring impossible to possible.

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