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by Jenn King

March 2022


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2022 Autumn Equinox Numerology

Autumn Equinox 21.3.2022


Numerology is the study of numbers, such as the numbers in a specific date. In this article the numerology for this year’s Autumn equinox, 21.03.2022, is explored:

To arrive at the relevant numbers, we start by breaking down the date:

21: 2+1=3 3 as does 21.3.2022: 2+1+3+2+0+2+2=12. We then break down the 12 by adding 1+2=3


3.2022: 3+2+0+2+2=9 


3 ~ JUPITER ~ number three is ruled by Jupiter 

9 ~ MARS ~ number 9 is ruled by Mars

Image by Autumn Mott Rodeheaver

KEY THEMES ~ pursuing peace, actively cultivating dream outcomes, strengthening and nourishing, expanding your reach 


The autumn equinox, known as Mabon, is traditionally a time of harvest and the ideal moment to be stashing away what we need to get through the more barren times of winter. We are presented with an ideal day for preparing our herbal potions and other medicines to go into the treasure chest for the year ahead. We can make great use of this moment by giving thanks for our every blessing, celebrating and appreciating what is in front of us. At the times of the equinoxes, the sun is exactly above the equator, and both the northern and southern hemispheres receive an equal amount of light. A balancing is occurring, and we are given an even amount of day and night time.


This year’s Autumn Equinox falls at a time when the greater world is in various forms of conflict, and the influence of Mars cannot be ignored. While Mars is often associated with wars and battles of all kinds, the warrior spirit works best when applied to the pursuit of peace. A cause for the greater good is just the quest this planet needs. When we advocate for peace in our lives and in the outside world, we are connected to the best Mars has to offer. This is not the time to bury our heads in the feel-good ‘sands of la-la land’ but to be active in our pursuit and expression of the only power that matters, the power of love.  It is a 6 (VENUS) year after all. Do what you can to create as much good as you can, it all adds up, it all matters.


The 3 (JUPITER) and 9 (MARS) combination brings out the powerhouse in us all, and this is a brilliant time to zero in on what offers you the most fulfilment in life. Align your actions to your goals and watch them grow wings. We are yearning to go further with pet projects and ambitions. You absolutely can do more by being selective around where you spend your energy. Being excessive about productivity causes eventual burnout though, keep some fuel in reserve. Health is another focus, particularly in the areas of immunity, general strength and what we put into our mouths. If you are needing motivation to get into those healthy habits, this is it. Observe moderation and avoid the blowout & restriction cycle by being realistic. Think nourish not punish.


As the Equinox is coming off the back of a full moon, the energetics are in a waning phase. What needs to be reduced, removed or released in order for you to be bringing in the treasures you wish to harvest? It is ideal to start preparing & planning for desired outcomes now and pursuing them with fervour from the new moon on the 1st of April. In business and work, it is vital that you connect with your intended audience with authenticity shining through. Show the world what you are passionate about and come from the truth of who you are. When you do outreach in your own way, sharing your personality, skills and wisdom while including the human you are, the response is much greater. Definitely put some effort in to all things marketing and PR. 


Autumn Equinox Affirmations

  1. I have everything I need

  2. I am grateful for my every blessing

  3. I am a warrior of love

  4. I create the best possible outcomes in all I do

  5. I honour my truth


With Equinoxes there is the traditional date, and the exact date. In this article we look at the exact date for the Numerology, 21.03.2022, which luckily also coincides with the traditional date this time around.

Image by Kristian Seedorff
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