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by Sally Kingsford-Smith

June 2021


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Tissue Salts, Tissue Salts, oh I love thee Tissue Salts

Over 40 years ago Tissue Salts were my introduction to the world of natural healing. There’s a story I often tell when I talk about them; I won’t tell it here but suffice to say that one of them, mag phos, gave me huge relief when I was on a very long and uncomfortable bus trip. I couldn’t believe how these little white pills quickly relieved the awful stomach cramps and bloating that I was experiencing and as a result, turned my life around.


Since that eventful journey, Tissue Salts have been integral to my life, personally and professionally. In fact I don’t think I’d have become a herbalist without that introduction. 


Tissue Salts come under a number of different names: Schuessler Tissue Salts (named for the German doctor who developed them); Mineral Salts; Biochemic Cell Salts and Cell Salts. There’s a variety of different brands available and you can usually purchase them in health food shops and pharmacies. Practitioners often carry them and prescribe them too.


What are they?

There’s a long story behind them but the short version is: in late 19th century Germany, Dr Wilhelm Schuessler, developed a unique system of therapy that he called Biochemistry. He proposed that there are twelve vital mineral salts that our bodies need a proper balance of to maintain normal (healthy) cell function. And that by taking these mineral salts in homeopathically prepared doses, our bodies can assimilate them rapidly via our blood stream to correct imbalances and deficiencies that lead to disease states and ill health.


I'd love every person, every parent, grandparent, in Australia to be familiar with them and have at least some, if not all of them, in the home medicine cupboard. They’re one of those things you know you can rely on time and time again to help and that won’t cause any harm if you choose the wrong one.


Together they comprise a very simple system. As I mentioned there are 12 in the range, however, towards the end of his life, Schuessler felt that only 11 were really needed.


Why do I love them so much?

  1. They are effective! People are often pleasantly surprised at how effective they are. In acute conditions, like hiccups, results are sometimes felt almost immediately and can seem miraculous. 

  2. They’re safe and can be used for all members of the family: for newborn bubs; in all stages of pregnancy; little kids; big kids, elders and they won’t interact with medications. 

  3. They’re cost effective 

  4. They’re pretty easy to learn the basics of. 

  5. It’s hard to go wrong with them. 


Let me begin with mag phos, my favourite, the one that turned my life around all those decades ago, the one that’s most prescribed in my clinic and the one you’ll probably want to start with. 


No 7 Mag Phos 

Each salt has a catch phrase, Mag Phos is known as the muscle relaxer and it has the most extensive range of action of all the Tissue Salts. It can calm down the nerve impulses that lead to muscles, so relieves pain and cramps, relaxing both involuntary and voluntary muscles, even those tiny little muscles around the walls of bronchioles and blood vessels.

Think of it for conditions like:

cramps, period cramps, headaches, wind pain, tightness around the heart, spasmodic coughing and hiccoughs. It can help you have a deeper, more restful sleep (and isn't that a wonderful thing to have?) and as a bonus, can help manage chocolate cravings when they get out of control and threaten to take over your life!


Another one that’s good to know about (and the second most prescribed by me)

No 5 Kali Phos

Kali Phos is known as the nerve tonic and nutrient and isn’t that something that many of us need these days? It’s found mostly in the brain, nerves and muscles and is wonderful in any situation where you're using extra brainpower, like studying and long days at work. It’s very beneficial for folk who worry a lot and who experience anxiety.


Now a quick rundown on all of them:
(note that they’re numbered – this is how they are identified in the original German system) 


No 1 Calcium Fluoratum (calc fluor)

          Elasticity and tissue strengthener (imagine a rubber band - stretching and contracting - our tissues need to be able to do               that). 

No 2 Calcium Phosphoricum (calc phos)

          Bone health, cell builder and general tonic. Any time there's extra growth happening - kids, pregnancy, breastfeeding. As               well as for the elderly and convalescence.

No 3 Ferrum Phosphoricum (ferr phos)

          The first aid tissue salt and oxygen carrier. Think of infection, inflammation, heat, redness, fever, swelling and throbbing. 

No 4 Kalium Muriaticum (kali mur)

          Glandular tonic and for the second stage of infection. Think congestion and mucous membranes; white mucous and                     swollen glands. 

No 5 Kalium Phosphoricum (kali phos)

          See above

No 6 Kalium Sulfuricum (kali sulph)

        Skin balance; chronic inflammation and the third stage of infection. Think green, yellowy-green, and slimy secretions or                 conditions with scaling skin. 

No 7 Magnesium Phosporicum (mag phos)

          See above

No 8 Natrium Muriaticum (nat mur)

        Aids fluid balance and fluid distribution. For conditions where there's too much fluid and/or not enough fluid. 

No 9 Natrium Phosphoricum (nat phos)

          Acid neutraliser; helps maintain a healthy acid-base balance (this is another handy one for the home medicine cupboard               for conditons like reflex. Very handy to have on hand when we over indulge)

No 10 Natrium Sulfuricum (nat sulph)

          Fluid eliminator and liver cleanser. Also helps with certain digestive upsets, and conditions that are worsened by dampness           and humidity and oedema (think of things like headaches before thunderstorms)

No 11 Silicea (silica)

        The cleanser and conditioner. For healthy hair, skin and nails. Rejuvenates and builds resilience. 

No 12 Calcium Sulfuricum (calc sulph)

          Blood cleanser and rarely used.


The important things to remember with tissue salts are:

Use them and don’t be afraid of them.


Dissolve them in your mouth so the salts are absorbed via the capillaries in the mucous membranes lining your mouth. This way they get into the bloodstream quickly and are transported to the tissues that need them.


Acute dosing is handy when symptoms flare up but remember to take them long term to correct deficiencies in the body.

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