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by Nancy Evelyn

March 2019


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Welcome to Estuary Learning


Estuary Learning is so new.  Our website has only just opened. We are

a work in progress.

If you have heard of Estuary Learning through your friends & colleagues

or . . .

If you have only just tripped across us as you were passing by… come

in and meet us.


We are a brand new nurturing and supportive educational movement

dedicated to the survival

of Natural Earth Medicine through the 21st century.  We are at the

beginning of creating a means of connectedness through mentoring,

which we hope will protect our way of life into the future.


Natural Earth Medicine is the term we use to describe the traditional wisdom expressed in the combination of Plant Medicine and Energetic Medicine with the healing intention of fostering and maintaining balance within the individual and interconnectedness with earth.  


We are practitioners and teachers of Natural Earth Medicine.  For us this is a lifestyle and a vocational calling.  We heal, we study the patterns of life, we teach, we mentor.  We cannot imagine a life that is lived purely on the surface, without the richness of understanding the spirit and depth of how life works. Like so many crafts, we don’t want to see our skills disappear. The thread of the ancient to the modern is in the handing down of knowledge, and the supportive connection of community.


We have been working quietly behind the scenes for a year. Only recently we’ve begun to softly launch this educational movement that will flow along as surely as a river into the estuary.  The framework of Estuary Learning is established.  We exist. We are now ready to open our membership to like-minded practitioners and manufacturers who are dedicated to the traditional earth ways.


There are so many possibilities of how we may express ourselves that we are at a very exciting point in our growth. 


We have much to offer.  

Are you simply interested in Natural Earth Medicine and interested in adding some of our subjects into everyday thinking and approach to life?


Are you a practitioner interested in learning more of what you are already practicing? Are you a  practitioner who wants to learn associated skills that will make your work more flow more easily, your cosmology hold together, your assessment of the situation more clear, your work more interesting and wholistic?


Are you a practitioner ready to teach what you are skilled at?  Are you willing to use your clinic to mentor another practitioner or student? Are you willing to mentor in small groups, in person or on line?


Ours is a mentoring movement.  Everyone can be a mentor, to share what they know to less experienced practitioners, and can be mentored by someone who is more experienced.  Thats the way we work.  It’s a wave of passing on knowledge and life experience in a supportive environment. 


We hope one day to be more regionally accessible.  That all of this can happen not too far from where you live.  Our fees are reasonable. They should not break the bank or add to your HECS debt.   We are simply here if you want to learn more. Or need a supportive mentoring experience.  


We ask you to join the links.  You teach what you know.  You learn what you need to learn. 


If you feel you’ve lost connection with the source of your healing, or the spirit of your practice;

If you feel you’ve lost connection with Traditional Medicine, and Ancient Wisdom; 

If you feel you’ve lost connection with your people; 

Then perhaps there is a place for you in Estuary Learning.

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