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Food Recipe

Written by Allie Kalimeris

May 2023


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Skin Nourishing Infusion:
A Recipe to Nourish Your Skin from the Inside Out

There is no doubt that herbal tea is one of the most healing and most affordable tools that we have in our tool kit. It has been utilised for countless conditions for centuries and holds a special place in my heart when prescribing for both myself and clients. With the cosmetic industry overflowing with choices, sometimes stripping back to basics, and starting with what we put in our bodies can be a great beginning when embarking on a skin healing journey. I love using dried herbs to nurture from the inside out, and this blend is my go-to for acne, eczema, psoriasis or dull skin. 

The three superstars used in this recipe are calendula, nettle leaf and gotu kola. When blended, these herbs create a beautiful aromatic and heady flavour profile. Calendula gives any infusion a bright pop of colour and can be wonderful for clearing lymphatic congestion, as well as supporting gentle liver detoxification. It has potent vulnerary effects which can help to heal wounds on both the inside and out. Nettle, one of my favourite blood building herbs, is rich in nutrients such as silica, which can help to support skin elasticity.  Last but not least, gotu kola can help to restore skin by stimulating collagen production, improving skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of scars. As a bonus, it is also a beautiful nervine which can be helpful to quieten the nervous system and help to relieve stress - an important component when looking holistically into skin health. 


  • 2 tbs calendula

  • 1 tbs nettle leaf

  • 1 tbs gotu kola


  1. Add herbs to a large tea pot (I have a 1.5L glass pot from IKEA, it’s fantastic!)

  2. Fill 1/4 of the teapot with room temperature water, then fill the remaining 3/4 with boiling water.

  3. Let sit for 1 to 8 hours then drink as needed.

Tip: pop in the fridge and drink chilled to stay cool and refreshed in the warmer months

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