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Health & Beauty Recipe

by Cath Minter

July 2020


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Elderberry and Plantain Cough Syrup

Super easy and delicious, a great way to get the herbs into the little

darlings and fussy wuss bags who love sweet tasting medicine. 

Apart from the Licorice Root and Rosehips, these ingredients are found
growing around you. Some on your local foothpaths (plantain) culinary

herb gardens (thyme) or cottage gardens (elderberry and violet leaf and




Elderberry 2C fresh (stems not included, just berries) or 1 C dried 

Elder flowers 1 C fresh or ½ C dried 

Plantain 8 leaves 

Thyme bunch 

Violet leaf and flower bunch 

Licorice root ¼ C 

Rosehips ½ C 

Honey ½ C 

Raw Organic Sugar ½ C 

4 C fresh water 



Ensure all cooking utensils, surfaces and vessels are clean and sterile. 

Wash carefully all fresh herb material, pat dry. Add all ingredients to a pan, adding enough fresh water to cover your herb material with 2 inches above – about 4 Cups should be enough. 

Gently simmer all ingredients in a pan for 10 mins with the pan lid ON to keep all the essential oil goodies in the cough syrup.

Leave to cool and steep overnight (covered) for further extracting. 
Strain / decant and bottle - label - refrigerate. Should last up to 3 months if preserved well using sterilised equipment.
Take up to 20-40mL daily for dry cough and irritation. Best taken warm. 

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