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Jane Van Beek

October 2023


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First Aid for Abdominal Cramping with Irritability

I write this based on my experiences as the mother of a daughter with a brain injury and epilepsy. In our home, tummy upsets – i.e. abdominal cramping with irritability and or heightened emotions tend to be regular visitors. I know we all have different situations but I’m sure we’ve all experienced people, both big and little, whose tummies are affected like this.


Causes of this can be many and varied: stress; anxiety; held in emotions about something said at school that day or even last week; surrounding energies that weren’t able to be digested; constipation etc. Whatever the cause, it can be dealt with after the event, if need be…but when an unhappy, crampy tummy strikes, help is needed now…the suggestion of a pharmaceutical laxative is as welcome as an icepack on a cold day!

It’s time for the tissue salt, Mag Phos. We massage the cream into the abdomen and lower back to help relieve those uncomfortable muscle cramps; settling in with a heat pack or covered hot water bottle over the area to help relax the muscles further and calm the nerves with the comforting warmth.  An oral dose of Mag Phos tablets can be given at the same time. Mag Phos tissue salt is a powerful muscle relaxant and is well worthwhile having in your home. You’ll find it in various health food shops, pharmacies or through your natural health practitioner.

When there is extreme irritability and distressed crying, chamomile is the herb or homeopathic of the moment to help calm the over emotional imbalance, then making the facilitation of breathing through the cramping a little easier.  Chamomile is for the person with great sensitivity.  We’ve used chamomilla 6c homoeopathic pillules from Jessika Schaad’s First Aid Kit with great results.  If I didn’t have these, I feel 1 drop of chamomile extract or tincture in a little water and sipped could have similar results.

Breathing with our ‘patient’, encouraging them to consciously release tension as they breathe out is helpful too. This can facilitate the outpourings of held in emotions that caused the discomfort.

My observations through having sat with this situation many times:

  • There is power in holding space for, and with, our loved ones. We also need to stay calm and centred ourselves so if you need to, take a few drops of Rescue Remedy or Emergency Essence first.

  • Usually cramps begin to ease; bowels begin to move more easily; and sometimes more time holding space is required.

  • Emotions begin to settle; and a sense of trust starts to return, along with intuitive guidance.


In dealing with abdominal discomfort, it is important to note that if symptoms worsen or don’t improve that medical attention should be sought.

Image by Michael Held
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