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Health & Beauty Recipe

Written by Cheryl Brighton-Smith from Solum Farm

August 2021


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Emergence Body Scrub

“You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” - Jon Kabat-Zinn

This last season (and year to be honest!) has seen so much change. Change in how we do business, our lifestyles and communication with both our inner and outer circles of acquaintance. 


As I sense the shimmering of spring and emergence from the deep winter, my dry skin begins to yearn for this nourishing body scrub, or maybe subconsciously I am being reminded to nourish myself. Either way, I’m offering this recipe (and am sure it’s nothing new to all), as a reminder to support, nourish and renew our bodies. 


This scrub can be made and used immediately. If not, pop it in a cool place or the fridge. I really love the ritual involved in this process all the while taking a few moments to SLOWLY blend and brew the mix then applying straight to the skin. Even better if used after a sauna!


An opportunity to remember we can shed the layers of change and turn our faces towards the sun as it emerges for the spring.



  • 150ml Infused calendula flowers in your favourite base oil (I use MCT or AK)

  • 2 cups Pink sea salt – fine blend

  • ½ cup Pink clay

  • Blended rose petals 

  • Essential oils (Rose absolute & Frankincense or Tulsi and Vetiver)


  1. Mix all dry ingredients together (salt, clay & rose petals) and add essential oils to your infused oil, mixing well to ensure the EO’s are well blended. Allow the mixture to run through your fingers and hands. Feel the different textures of the salt, clay and botanics.

  2. Slowly add the blended oils to the dry mix, stirring with mindfulness. When mixed well together, you’re ready to enjoy. I use this mix after a sauna or a hot shower when my pores are open and ready to receive. Gently massaging the wet mix on your body beginning with your hands heading towards the heart. Next the feet coming upwards towards the torso. Finally, your body, heart, chest and neck (go gently around the decolletage).

  3. Allow the clay time to dry ever so slightly. Allow the infused oil time to sink in. Allow the salt to cleanse and the rose petals just a moment to bring joy. <3

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