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Health & Beauty Recipe

Written by Lara Ann Sanders

March 2022


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DIY Luxury Face Oil


  • 1.5mL Prickly Pear oil 

  • 1 drop Frankincense essential oil 

  • 3 drops Rose Otto 3% in Jojoba essential oil 

  • Pinch of Pearl Powder Extract 10:1


  1. Mix all the ingredients together and apply the oil to a clean face and neck. Use straight away. 

  2. The oil can be used day or night, but I really like to leave it on overnight. 

  3. You can also wear a soft eye mask if you are concerned about oil running into your eyes whilst sleeping.



You can substitute rosehip oil for the prickly pear seed oil as it is quite pricey, although prickly pear oil is amazing. 

Always do a skin patch test before applying anything to your skin that you have never used before. 

Pearl extract can be found in health food stores. 

‘Prickly Pear’ is sometimes called ‘Cactus Seed’ oil. 

The mix works really well on fine lines; it brightens the skin and gives it a pearly glow! 

Having previously worked for major skincare companies, I have a good knowledge of the ingredients in off-the- shelf products.  Many of the products carry very low quantities of the key ingredients; particularly if they happen to be hard to source, expensive or unstable. This keeps retail prices affordable for their target market. Sometimes the active ingredients are so low an amount they could not have much effect. They’re usually included in the product because they’re a marketing buzz word. Most of the other ingredients are to extend shelf life or bulk up the volume of the product to meet a certain quantity. 

This is why I prefer mixing my own skincare products, with pure raw ingredients. Another benefit is, no single use packaging is required. I've tried every oil and Pricky Pear is the only one that I've ever seen a measurable difference with. This could be because my skin happens to need the phenols and vitamin E present in this amazing oil. 

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