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Written by Shavaun Glover

May 2022


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Dr Ray Peat’s Carrot Salad: Simple Yet Mighty

Dr Ray Peat is a biologist who specializes in hormonal and metabolic health. According to Dr Peat endotoxins and inflammatory mediators from the intestine burden the liver and mitochondrial function, resulting in chronic inflammation, oestrogen dominance and low thyroid function. Carrots are fibrous and grow underground in a moist environment. Carrots produce anti-fungal and anti-bacterial substances to protect themselves. These anti-microbial properties within the carrot fibre are effective in preventing fungal infections in the intestines such as candida.


Excess estrogen as we know can wreak havoc on the body. High estrogen can cause inflammation, high cortisol & suppress thyroid gland function. This powerful little number works to... 


  • Bind & carry estrogen excreted into the gut 

  • Protect against bacterial endotoxin 

  • Gently scrubs away biofilms & old waste 

  • Makes room in liver for blood sugar 

  • Lowers metabolic stress and burden  

  • Helps normalise gut transit time 

Image by Heather Gill

1 medium shredded organic carrot 

Splash of organic apple cider vinegar  

½ Tbsp. refined organic coconut oil or MCT oil 

Sea salt or pickling salt  


Tsp. organic honey  

Tsp. organic honey mustard  

Half of an organic grated apple 

Eat 1-2 times per day and feel the difference!

Image by Bence Balla-Schottner
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