Code of Conduct

It is possible to attain a very good education in EL provided you meet the prerequisites of the course?

Of course you cannot legally practice because we do not give diplomas. But a wall full of Certificates of Private Tuition must account for something in life.  And perhaps one day it will have some place in the wider community.  RPL may be applied for at various institutions on a one to one basis.  


Can I claim RPL for any of the courses I attend?

It is possible that within an Associate Membership you may attain advanced levels of traditional education if you simply meet the prerequisites of that subject/class/mentor.

If I apply for a membership, does that mean I will automatically be accepted?

No. Each membership application is individually assessed and approval is not guaranteed. Applicants must meet the requirements specified in the membership application form. As well as this, they must also be seen to adhere to the founding principles of Estuary Learning. 

I'm having problems with my membership form. 

If you are having any problems with the membership form please contact or and one of our members will get back to you as soon as possible.