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Written by Lisa Worth

June 2024


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First Aid:
Bee Sting

In light of necessity being the mother of all invention, this remedy was formulated after a bee sting, using what was available at the time; and it did the job very well. It has subsequently been used to stop the itch from mosquito bites, sand fly bites, and a few other mystery bites and stings incurred in the course of a days’ work in a plant nursery.

This remedy has proven itself on three people, not a large sample size I know, but I am hoping feedback from this article may change that.


Basil - 5-7 leaves
Aloe vera - 1 leaf split and gel extracted into a bowl
Plantain - 2-3 leaves roughly cut up



  • Place all ingredients in a bowl and pulverise.  The day I made this I improvised using a coffee mug and the butt of a butter knife. However, a mortar and pestle would be much more professional.

  • Remove the bee sting then apply this mixture as poultice over the bite site. Cover the area with a couple of band aids/suitable dressings.

You are most welcome at this point to return to the garden, just remember to wear gloves this time and look before you sniff those roses.

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